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Episode 105 – We have a new TV Superman!

sfr105albumIn episode 105 of the Superman Forever Radio Podcast Host Bob Fisher gives his impressions of the new TV Superman Tyler Hoechlin.

How does he stack up? Listen and see!


Episode 103- 60th Super Spectacular Summer Celebration!

00-Noel_neal-autographIn this episode Bob Fisher talks about meeting Noel Neill in 1972 and says farewell to the first live action Lois Lane.

Bob then turns his attention to the first Superman comic book he ever read and talks about the fun that was the Golden/Atomic Age Superman in Superman #43 from 1946. Here is the cover of Superman 43 and a picture of the splash page from Action Comics 160 from 1951. She’s really only in one of those comics and it’s not #43!

So join Bob Fisher as he reads about the Inventions of Hecter Thwistle and Superman’s power of invisibility! Yep! Superman can make himself invisible in this exciting story from 1946! See how he does it in episode 103 of the Superman Forever Radio Podcast.



Episode 94- Goodbye Jimmy Olsen

sfr94In this episode, Bob bids a fond farewell to Jack Larson, the original Jimmy Olsen.

Larson co-starred with George Reeves on The Adventures of Superman, and became an iconic part of the Superman Mythos.

Join Bob in a farewell to a lost, but very important, part of Superman history.


Episode 72- From Krypton to Metropolis

sfr44albumCome on a trip back in time with me, to the realm of memories, in the year 1984.

This week it is my privileged to present to you the audio that inspired my Superman fandom, and this very Podcast- FROM KRYPTON TO METROPOLIS.

Thanks to the generous Steve Younis, you will hear the complete origin and evolution of the Man of Steel the way that I did as a child.