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Superman Forever Radio 06- Up, Up, and Away


What MUST a Superman origin tale contain? This week, we will be looking at the major retellings of Superman’s origin. Join me as I compare and contrast the original origin, against The Man of Steel, Secret Origin, and Birthright.

Did Ben Affleck turn down Superman because of the story? What comic art record didn’t get broken? Want Brandon Routh‘s Superman costume? Is Zack Snyder all alone on the Superman reboot? Find out the answers.

Plus, begin a journey with me to cover every Superman book in the post-infinite crisis era as we start with Superman #650  and Action Comics # 837, the beginning of the “Up, Up, and Away” storyline. We will touch briefly on Infinite Crisis and 52 to set the stage properly.
Don’t forget that Metropolis Idol starts this week- prepare to meet the top 16, and which 2 Supermen will be squaring off in round one, week one.

The stories in this week’s episode are collected in Superman: Up, Up, and Way

This Week’s Secret Code is:

oxxbqoue jicc rniza anfp enur 
Download and print the decoder- Decoder Card

Announcing Superman Forever Radio


Coming October 31st, 2010- Superman Forever Radio- a new weekly podcast which will focus on Superman and his family of comics, movies, Television shows, Cartoons, radio shows, and more.

Featuring the latest news, reviews of the latest and the classic adventures of the Man of Steel, and in-depth looks at a variety of topics throughout Superman’s 70 plus years of history.
Join host J. David Weter every Sunday for Superman Forever Radio, coming October 31st, 2010.