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Episode 60- What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

sfr60albumIn the 60th episode of Superman Forever Radio, David decides NOT to do a commentary, and instead talk about the comic that inspired the material- Action Comics 775.

In a day and age when Superman is considered out of touch with the times, this show set out to correct that misconception- and this comic was at the epicenter of that movement.

It’s a passionate talk about what it means to be a Superman fan, and David has a message that he needs to get off of his chest.


Superman Forever Radio 40- The Forever People


(NOTE- This episode was originally Season 2, Episode 1)

Superman Forever is Back.

We start the season with a  wrap-up the books cover dated December, 2007.

Strap on a Legion flight ring and prepare to visit the future in Action Comics 858.

The search continues for the third Kryptonian in Superman 669, with some surprising results. This leads to a discussion on SuperWOMAN (Not Girl!) which opens a vortex to the Bronze age.

Then it’s a look at the Forever People, in the third part of our Fourth World series, before Superman Confidential #7 guest-starring… The Forever People.

We also crack open a pair of Sinestro Corps specials, featuring Cyborg Superman, and Superman Prime.

Then, it’s a lot of Jack Kirby goodness as Superman: The Animated Series debuts Dan “Terrible” Turpin, and a certain gray skinned villain.

Superman Forever Radio 32- Early October 2007


This week- The final Thursday review episode before Superman Forever Radio returns to it’s once a week format.

Gasp as Jimmy Olsen takes on the Kryptonite Man in Action Comics #853. The issue also features the return of a certain Kryptonian that excites me to no end.

Also, want to join in on the live episode via Skype? My user name is david.weter.

Only a few days left until SFR goes live. Remember- Sunday may 29th, 2011 at 6 PM Central Time.

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Superman Forever Radio 26- July 2007


This episode explores the man of steel via the 31st century past, present, and future by way of a flashback device in Action Comics #850, an emotional story about Superman‘s loneliness.

Then it’s on to Superman #663, which features the young gods, Lightray, and finally something relevant to Camelot Falls, the semi-ongoing storyline.

Finally, it’s artificial life vs biological life, by way of BRAINIAC in Superman/Batman #35.

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