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Episode 76- More Man of Steel Talk

sfr076albumYes, I said that last episode was my final word on the subject of Man of Steel– But, I have a few more points to make that may change your mind on the movie.

With all of the controversy over the ending, and the strife on the internet, I had to find some peace with the movie, and what I found changed my mind entirely.

If you are on the fence about the movie, listen to this episode.


Episode 75- The Man of Steel in Film

sfr075albumAfter 3 years, it’s finally here- The Man of Steel episode. A moment that has been a part of the show since the beginning. My thoughts on Man of Steel, and the last time I will talk about this movie.

Before the review,  I also present a live discussion on Superman in film, from the creation, to the Fleischer cartoons, up to today.

It’s a big 75th episode for the 75th Anniversary of Superman


Episode 72- From Krypton to Metropolis

sfr44albumCome on a trip back in time with me, to the realm of memories, in the year 1984.

This week it is my privileged to present to you the audio that inspired my Superman fandom, and this very Podcast- FROM KRYPTON TO METROPOLIS.

Thanks to the generous Steve Younis, you will hear the complete origin and evolution of the Man of Steel the way that I did as a child.


Episode 67- Birthright Part 2

sfr067albumThis week- Birthright continues, as Clark Kent develops a costume, an alter ego, and makes his big debut as The Man of Steel.

The story hits a new pace, as Lex Luthor reveals a hidden secret about the new hero in the skies of Metropolis, and it means bad things for Superman.

And, a familiar face returns to menace Lois Lane in another episode of Superman: The Animated series.


Episode 60- What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

sfr60albumIn the 60th episode of Superman Forever Radio, David decides NOT to do a commentary, and instead talk about the comic that inspired the material- Action Comics 775.

In a day and age when Superman is considered out of touch with the times, this show set out to correct that misconception- and this comic was at the epicenter of that movement.

It’s a passionate talk about what it means to be a Superman fan, and David has a message that he needs to get off of his chest.