Episode 125- Jon M Wilson

Host Bob Fisher welcomes Jon M Wilson to talk about Jon’s Superman Reading Project. The conversation takes these two Superman fans back to the beginning and takes you all the way to “Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow” and beyond.

Bob also talks about “Stealing Superman”, an iHeart podcast, League of Superpets and Battle of the Super Sons.


Episode 124- Super-baby Out of Control!!

This time Mike Zummo from the Man of Screen Podcast joins host Bob Fisher as they take a look at some overlooked exploits of the Man of Steel when he was a baby.

How did Ma & Pa Kent handle the Super-toddler? Are they the best parents ever or maybe even the worst!!

Listen to Bob Fisher and Mike Zummo laugh their way through some stories of the out of control SUPER BABY!


Episode 123- Superman and Lois and the Justice League Too

The Superman Forever Radio Podcast is back and this time host Bob Fisher talks about the two biggest events to hit the world of Superman in the past few years, Zach Snyder’s Justice League and the first season of Superman and Lois.

Was the long version of Justice League worth the wait? Did it live up to the “Zach Hype”?

Were the fans demanding it’s release satisfied? And what about Superman back on the air in a weekly TV show? Are we all tingly inside or is it a total teen angt ridden disappointment?

Bob doesn’t hold his tongue on this one; he may bite it a few times but hold it? Not a chance!