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sfrtemplate87Bob Fisher continues his super conversation with Jon M Wilson with episode 87 of Superman Forever Radio.

Get part 2 now!


Episode 86 – Super Conversation with Jon M Wilson!

sfr album 86What happens when a couple of Superman fans are left without proper adult supervision? Well, they talk about Superman, a lot!

Join Bob Fisher as he talks to fellow podcaster and Superman fan Jon M Wilson about his current reading project, Superman 162, the new 52 and more.


Episode 84- The New Hero of Metropolis

sfr 084 albumWhat would Superman do if a new hero came to Metropolis and out-heroed the Man of Steel?

Bob Fisher takes a look at Superman 163 featuring Wonder Man the new Hero of Metropolis, talks about some podcasts he listens to, looks at robots and other cool toys and even talks about the Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves.

All in this one thrill packed episode of the Superman Forever Radio podcast! Get it now!


Episode 83- Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen!

sfr083 albumIs Jimmy Olsen a “sidekick”?

Did Jimmy Olsen deserve his own comic? Are Bow ties really cool?

Bob Fisher answers these questions and more as he takes on Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen.

Bob talks about the history of the character, his feelings about the character and even tries another comic book synopsis, oh dear, of Jimmy Olsen #39, The Super-Lad of Space!