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Episode 94- Goodbye Jimmy Olsen

sfr94In this episode, Bob bids a fond farewell to Jack Larson, the original Jimmy Olsen.

Larson co-starred with George Reeves on The Adventures of Superman, and became an iconic part of the Superman Mythos.

Join Bob in a farewell to a lost, but very important, part of Superman history.


Superman Forever Radio 39.5- Good News, Bad News, and in-between news

The good news- David has a new podcast covering the Peter David era of The Incredible Hulk.

The bad news- Superman Forever Radio is going on hiatus until September, so David can deal with real life for a bit.

The in-between news- Laurence Fishburn is Perry White in MAN OF STEEL.

Superman Forever Radio 35- Metropolis Superman Celebration 2011


Welcome, it’s episode 35, where I talk about the Metropolis,¬†Illinois¬†Superman Celebration.

From meeting Kaman Stowell of the Superman Vidcast, and Neil and Jennifer Cole of the supermansupersite.com to Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington of Superman Returns, the weekend was full of fun.

I really enjoyed getting a signed print from “Supergirl” artist Jamal Igle, and a Lois Lane sketch from Andrew Chandler.

Hear all about why I as awake for over 36 straight hours, and why I’m always sad to leave my second home.

Superman Forever Radio 33- LIVE!

It’s the first episode of Superman Forever Radio recorded while streaming live.

While there are technical issues at the beginning, there are some great moments as Neil Cole of the Supermansupersite.com and Isaac Daniel Frisbie of The World’s Best Podcast drop in to talk the Superman Celebration, and the Superman movie franchise.

It was a learning experience, but a heck of a lot of fun.

Next Sunday- back to normal as we look at the Superman comics on stands for October, 2007 as well as Bizarro and Lobo.

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Superman Forever Radio 21- Metropolis Idol


This is it!!!. You voted, I listened, and now we have a full episode devoted to YOUR Metropolis Idol- Dean Cain.

Before we jump into any of that, though- We have a new General Zod, and I have some thoughts on him. Also, what is Henry Cavill doing to prepare for donning the blue tights, and what does he think of the script, and Amy Adams?

Zack Snyder talks about working with Christopher Nolan.

What does the son of Lex Luthor want with the Man of Steel? Who is the new female character that will have his attention? Find out when we talk about Superman: Requiem.

Then, it’s time. We talk about Dean Cain. From the heartbreak of a premature end to his sports career, to donning the cape.

We look back at Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and where Dean went after that.

Also, a look back at a classic episode of Lois and Clark- “Seasons Greedings” written by Dean Cain.

Then we wrap the week up by talking about Michael Shannon, and I give my thoughts on him, and the casting choice.

Remember to come back Thursday when we review the Superman books on shelves for May, 2007.