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Episode 94- Goodbye Jimmy Olsen

sfr94In this episode, Bob bids a fond farewell to Jack Larson, the original Jimmy Olsen.

Larson co-starred with George Reeves on The Adventures of Superman, and became an iconic part of the Superman Mythos.

Join Bob in a farewell to a lost, but very important, part of Superman history.


Episode 61- Superman’s Pal

sfr61albumThis time around, we focus on Jimmy Olsen, Superman‘s Pal.

In a quartet of stories, we visit a silver-age Jimmy as he solves a mystery, with the clock ticking. From there, it’s off to the 30th century as Elastic Lad Teams up with the Legion of Superheroes.

And then, to the turn of the century as an older, and wiser Jimmy solves a mystery as editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, and finally the man of action must track down his famous signal watch.


Superman Forever Radio 32- Early October 2007


This week- The final Thursday review episode before Superman Forever Radio returns to it’s once a week format.

Gasp as Jimmy Olsen takes on the Kryptonite Man in Action Comics #853. The issue also features the return of a certain Kryptonian that excites me to no end.

Also, want to join in on the live episode via Skype? My user name is david.weter.

Only a few days left until SFR goes live. Remember- Sunday may 29th, 2011 at 6 PM Central Time.

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Superman Forever Radio 30- September 2007


This week, a change back to the old format is coming, a LIVE episode of Superman Forever Radio is on it’s way Sunday May 29, 2011, and David is testing out some new waters.

But, as far as the books cover dated September 2007:

It’s Jimmy Olsen week, as Action Comics 852 features a story within a story. Jimmy explores the world of super-powers, as Superman takes out the Kryptonite Man. And, a flashback reveals the origin of Jimmy’s signal watch.

The Jimmy Olsen train makes another stop in Superman 665, where we see the secret origin of Jimmy, which will be ret-conned out by Secret origin.

And, finally, what is making Superman lose his mind with fear? It could be a certain villain who uses fear as a motif, but you would only be half right. Superman/Batman 38 Brings us the answer, and a New God falls. Literally.
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