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Superman Forever Radio 40- The Forever People


(NOTE- This episode was originally Season 2, Episode 1)

Superman Forever is Back.

We start the season with a  wrap-up the books cover dated December, 2007.

Strap on a Legion flight ring and prepare to visit the future in Action Comics 858.

The search continues for the third Kryptonian in Superman 669, with some surprising results. This leads to a discussion on SuperWOMAN (Not Girl!) which opens a vortex to the Bronze age.

Then it’s a look at the Forever People, in the third part of our Fourth World series, before Superman Confidential #7 guest-starring… The Forever People.

We also crack open a pair of Sinestro Corps specials, featuring Cyborg Superman, and Superman Prime.

Then, it’s a lot of Jack Kirby goodness as Superman: The Animated Series debuts Dan “Terrible” Turpin, and a certain gray skinned villain.

Superman Forever Radio 29- Krypto and the Super-Pets


This week, a major announcement about a first for Superman Forever Radio. Make sure you have your planner out.

we look on the furrier side of the Superman universe, with an overview of Krypto and the super-pets.

From the Dog of Steel, to Beppo, the Super-Monkey, Comet the Super-Horse, and Streaky, the Super Cat, it’s a veritable zoo of powerful creatures.

The, onward to talking about the final episode of Smallville with the Walking Dorks crew of John Oliver, Travis Pyle, and myself.

Oh… Darkseid was there too.

Then, we wrap it up with an awesome episode of Superman: The Animated Series in which Brainiac reveals himself for the first time.

And remember to come back Thursday as we review the Superman comics on sale with a September, 2007.
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Superman Forever Radio 15- All-Star Superman


This week we take a break to look back over all twelve issues of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitley’s All-Star Superman run, just in time for the new DVD which comes out Tuesday.

Issue by issue, J. David Weter gives a running commentary of the entire, epic story. So, grab your copies of the book, and read along.
Also, some Smallville news, a sad day for the Superman family, and a trip to Hurleycon.
Hurleycon Links- Visit these fine folks and tell them you heard about them here. 🙂

Episode Extras
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