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Superman Forever Radio 41- The SFnR


(NOTE- This episode was originally posted as Season 2, Episode 1)

Change is in store for Superman Forever Radio, as the DC Reboot inspires David to take the show in an all new, fresh direction.

It’s a major announcement that will change the show’s second season, and the way Superman is covered.

Amalak, the alien with a mad on for Kryptonians must contend with Superman, Power Girl, Supergirl, Krypto, and Christopher Kent in Superman #670, which concludes the “Third Kryptonian” storyline.

The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel face down Darkseid in the conclusion of the “Torment” storyline in Superman/Batman # 42, before going toe to toe with Dr. Light in issue #42.

And, we conclude the first season of Superman: The Animated Series with the 13th episode- “Two’s a crowd” where we learn the importance of a big screen TV.

And Darkseid returns to the show to make amends, and to make his own important announcement.

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Superman Forever Radio 39.5- Good News, Bad News, and in-between news

The good news- David has a new podcast covering the Peter David era of The Incredible Hulk.

The bad news- Superman Forever Radio is going on hiatus until September, so David can deal with real life for a bit.

The in-between news- Laurence Fishburn is Perry White in MAN OF STEEL.

Superman Forever Radio 39- Welcome to my Fortress

This is not the episode I expected.

But, Sometimes life gets in the way- and we make do.

I explain the changes in format, and the origin points of the show.

A look back on my favorite episodes, and some Superman-related memories, as well as my history as a podcaster– and an announcement of David‘s newest podcast.

Superman Forever Radio 36- Bizarro am love Superman


Welcome back.

After a two week hiatus, things finally get back to normal on SFR, for the first time in a while.

Back to one episode a week, and happy.

This week, we look at the rest of the Superman books cover dated October, 2007.

Including Jimmy Olsen‘s battle with a Kryptonite-powered monkey in Action Comics 854.

Superman arrives on Bizarro world with Action Comics 855.

And we take a good look at Bizarro, from his first appearance, to the creation of Htrae, and the post-crisis rebirth of the imperfect duplicate.

Then we take a trip on the dark side, as Superman takes on the corruption of his own soul is Superman #666.

And, the New Gods wreak havoc for the Man of Steel, and the Dark Knight is Superman/Batman #39.

On top of that, we look at one of the funnest episodes of Superman: The Animated series as The Main Man, Lobo arrives and attempts to frag the Man of Tomorrow.

Superman Forever Radio 31- The Secret Origin of a Superman Fan

This week takes a different turn.

I was feeling a little sentimental after finding an old Superman book from my youth, and felt compelled to scrap the episode I had planned, in favor of a more personal look back at my own foundations of fandom.

It’s a little bit different from what I normally do, but I think it was something I needed to do.

I do take a moment to add in some news from the week, and talk a little bit about Metropolis, Illinois.

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