Superman Forever Radio 40- The Forever People


(NOTE- This episode was originally Season 2, Episode 1)

Superman Forever is Back.

We start the season with a  wrap-up the books cover dated December, 2007.

Strap on a Legion flight ring and prepare to visit the future in Action Comics 858.

The search continues for the third Kryptonian in Superman 669, with some surprising results. This leads to a discussion on SuperWOMAN (Not Girl!) which opens a vortex to the Bronze age.

Then it’s a look at the Forever People, in the third part of our Fourth World series, before Superman Confidential #7 guest-starring… The Forever People.

We also crack open a pair of Sinestro Corps specials, featuring Cyborg Superman, and Superman Prime.

Then, it’s a lot of Jack Kirby goodness as Superman: The Animated Series debuts Dan “Terrible” Turpin, and a certain gray skinned villain.