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Superman Forever Radio 39.5- Good News, Bad News, and in-between news

The good news- David has a new podcast covering the Peter David era of The Incredible Hulk.

The bad news- Superman Forever Radio is going on hiatus until September, so David can deal with real life for a bit.

The in-between news- Laurence Fishburn is Perry White in MAN OF STEEL.

Superman Forever Radio 14- Lois and Clark


It’s episode 14, and some new segments have been added. Last week we said goodbye to the Top 5, this week brings an ongoing episode by episode review of Superman: The Animated series which ran from 1996 to 2000.

Plus, we begin a series of character profiles, beginning with the Daily Planet‘s own cigar chomping, bulldog Editor-In-Chief Perry White. Learn what really set Perry White against Lex Luthor, and why the chief matters.
Also, we explore the long-standing relationship of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, and why it is important to the Superman mythology.
And, of course, we look issue by issue through the New Earth era Superman books with January, 2007. We’ll continue “Last Son” in Action Comics, “Camelot Falls” in Superman, “Enemies Among Us” in Superman/Batman, and begin “Kryptonite” in the pages of Superman Confidential.

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