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Superman Forever Radio 35- Metropolis Superman Celebration 2011


Welcome, it’s episode 35, where I talk about the Metropolis, Illinois Superman Celebration.

From meeting Kaman Stowell of the Superman Vidcast, and Neil and Jennifer Cole of the supermansupersite.com to Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington of Superman Returns, the weekend was full of fun.

I really enjoyed getting a signed print from “Supergirl” artist Jamal Igle, and a Lois Lane sketch from Andrew Chandler.

Hear all about why I as awake for over 36 straight hours, and why I’m always sad to leave my second home.

Superman Forever Radio 34- Reboot Thoughts


This week’s bombshell put the screeching brakes on what would have been episode 34.

Instead, I had to talk about DC’s plan to reboot, and what it means to me, to this show, and I revisit my initial reaction to the news.

Plus- My loose itinerary for the Superman celebration in metropolis, Illinois-from Brandon Routh to Super-friends- prepare for a great time.

And, finally, an announcement that will change some things in the future.

Superman Forever Radio 12- Super-Crossover Extravaganza


Superman Forever Radio is Super-Sized this week, as some special guests stopped in to talk Superman. From the Superman Video Podcast, Kaman Stowell was gracious enough to talk some Smallville, and the entire Superman Mythos.

Travis Pyle returns to review Superman/Batman #30, and John Oliver takes on some review duties on Superman.

Plus, a look back at the cartoon that had me waking up before dawn in the late 80’s, and Metropolis Idol hits a new level of awesome, as two heavyweight contenders step into the SFR ring.
This is an episode that you do NOT want to miss.

One Note- as segments of the show were recorded with, or entirely on an iPhone, there are small instances of texts coming through, and some digital skipping. I have done my best to smooth these out, but imperfections still exist.

Superman Forever Radio 06- Up, Up, and Away


What MUST a Superman origin tale contain? This week, we will be looking at the major retellings of Superman’s origin. Join me as I compare and contrast the original origin, against The Man of Steel, Secret Origin, and Birthright.

Did Ben Affleck turn down Superman because of the story? What comic art record didn’t get broken? Want Brandon Routh‘s Superman costume? Is Zack Snyder all alone on the Superman reboot? Find out the answers.

Plus, begin a journey with me to cover every Superman book in the post-infinite crisis era as we start with Superman #650  and Action Comics # 837, the beginning of the “Up, Up, and Away” storyline. We will touch briefly on Infinite Crisis and 52 to set the stage properly.
Don’t forget that Metropolis Idol starts this week- prepare to meet the top 16, and which 2 Supermen will be squaring off in round one, week one.

The stories in this week’s episode are collected in Superman: Up, Up, and Way

This Week’s Secret Code is:

oxxbqoue jicc rniza anfp enur 
Download and print the decoder- Decoder Card