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Superman Forever Radio 36- Bizarro am love Superman


Welcome back.

After a two week hiatus, things finally get back to normal on SFR, for the first time in a while.

Back to one episode a week, and happy.

This week, we look at the rest of the Superman books cover dated October, 2007.

Including Jimmy Olsen‘s battle with a Kryptonite-powered monkey in Action Comics 854.

Superman arrives on Bizarro world with Action Comics 855.

And we take a good look at Bizarro, from his first appearance, to the creation of Htrae, and the post-crisis rebirth of the imperfect duplicate.

Then we take a trip on the dark side, as Superman takes on the corruption of his own soul is Superman #666.

And, the New Gods wreak havoc for the Man of Steel, and the Dark Knight is Superman/Batman #39.

On top of that, we look at one of the funnest episodes of Superman: The Animated series as The Main Man, Lobo arrives and attempts to frag the Man of Tomorrow.

Superman Forever Radio 33- LIVE!

It’s the first episode of Superman Forever Radio recorded while streaming live.

While there are technical issues at the beginning, there are some great moments as Neil Cole of the Supermansupersite.com and Isaac Daniel Frisbie of The World’s Best Podcast drop in to talk the Superman Celebration, and the Superman movie franchise.

It was a learning experience, but a heck of a lot of fun.

Next Sunday- back to normal as we look at the Superman comics on stands for October, 2007 as well as Bizarro and Lobo.

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Superman Forever Radio 09- Siegel and Shuster Vs. The World pt. 3


This is it! The final episode of Superman Forever Radio… for 2010.

But what a great way to send out the year. We finish up the “Up, Up and Away!” Storyline, plus- Superman and Batman explore gender issues in

Superman/Batman #27.

The tale of Siegel and Shuster comes to an end, with a dream realized and smashed. The men that gave us the world’s greatest hero, find themselves in poverty.

Is Javier Bardem Superman? No, but he was. See the video below.

Is Secret Origin the basis for the new Superman movie? David Goyer‘s words in the newest edition are analyzed.

DC Universe online gets a release date… again.

What are Bizarro‘s 2011 resolutions?? Plus, and all new week of Metropolis Idol, E-mails, and the Superman Moment of 2010.