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Superman Forever Radio 20- April 2007


Welcome to the new format. This week, we look back to the Superman comics on shelves for April of 2007… both of them. Thanks to DC’s erratic (Late) publishing schedule, we have a lighter episode than normal.

We roll out the new comic book rating system, and look deeper into the New Earth era.

In Superman #661, The Man of Steel teams with Wonder Woman to take on a life-force draining villainess, and Lois shows Diana a cyber-Cafe.

We look at Wonder Woman’s history, and her relationship with Kal-El before moving on to our second book of the week.

In Superman Conidential #4, Superman receives a beat down, courtesy of Lex Luthor and Kryptonite, before Jimmy comes to his rescue, and delivers him to Clark Kent?!?!?

And we wrap up with e-mails- Is Pa Kent actually a liar?? Has Michael Bailey found the secret that could have fixed the entire New Earth era??? Listen and find out.

Superman Forever Radio 15- All-Star Superman


This week we take a break to look back over all twelve issues of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitley’s All-Star Superman run, just in time for the new DVD which comes out Tuesday.

Issue by issue, J. David Weter gives a running commentary of the entire, epic story. So, grab your copies of the book, and read along.
Also, some Smallville news, a sad day for the Superman family, and a trip to Hurleycon.
Hurleycon Links- Visit these fine folks and tell them you heard about them here. 🙂

Episode Extras
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Download All-Star Superman #1 annotations PDF Here

Superman Forever Radio 14- Lois and Clark


It’s episode 14, and some new segments have been added. Last week we said goodbye to the Top 5, this week brings an ongoing episode by episode review of Superman: The Animated series which ran from 1996 to 2000.

Plus, we begin a series of character profiles, beginning with the Daily Planet‘s own cigar chomping, bulldog Editor-In-Chief Perry White. Learn what really set Perry White against Lex Luthor, and why the chief matters.
Also, we explore the long-standing relationship of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, and why it is important to the Superman mythology.
And, of course, we look issue by issue through the New Earth era Superman books with January, 2007. We’ll continue “Last Son” in Action Comics, “Camelot Falls” in Superman, “Enemies Among Us” in Superman/Batman, and begin “Kryptonite” in the pages of Superman Confidential.

Download the Ringtone Here
Download the episode wallpaper Here
Superman: The Animated Series screenshots PDF Here

Superman Forever Radio 03- Doomsday!


This week is a huge episode, as we look back 18 years to the Death of Superman in Superman issue #75.

-Top 5 songs on Luthor‘s iPod
-Listener e-mail
JMS leaves Superman, are monthly comics doomed
Doomsday! A retrospective look back.
-Supergirl Annual #2
-Superman Vs. Muhamed Ali

Superman Forever Radio 02- Earth One


This week- Superman Vs. the KKK. Host J. David Weter takes a look at how Superman battled a very real foe.

Plus, What would a Superman Returns sequel have been like, Zack Snyder confirms who ISN’T the villain in the new Superman movie. Superboy gets a new ongoing, Superman meets Lex Luthor for the first time.

Superman takes on an alien invasion, and pulls a Rocky Balboa in a landmark reprint.Two new DVD releases hit this week, looking at Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam and Secret Origin of DC Comics.

What book inspired J. David Weter’s love of Superman? And a closer look at Superman: Earth One, which poses the question- What is the point?