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Superman Forever Radio 18- The Art of the Prank


Here it is, the last late episode of Superman Forever Radio- why?? Listen and find out as I drop an announcement about some big changes in store for the show.

Also, we look at Superman: The Animated Series Episode Four- “Fun and Games, in which the Toyman Debuts to torment the Man of Steel.

It’s also the final round of Metropolis Idol. Only two remain- Will it be George Reeves from the 1950’s “Adventures of Superman Television show, or Dean Cain, who inherited the role on “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman“?

YOUR votes decide, so visit supermanforever.com to cast your vote.

And we continue our journey through the entire Superman run following Infinite Crisis with a trip into space, and father/son bonding in Action Comics #847.

Superman gets distracted by the Prankster in Superman #660, and has his first bout with Kryptonite in Superman Confidential #3.

Finally, a bit of reflecting on the recent Superman movie news, which does not include Amy Adams being cast as Lois Lane, as that news dropped after the episode was completed.

Finally, what is next for Darkseid? The despot checks in and lets us know that we may be seeing more of Supergirl than we ever expected.

Superman Forever Radio 14- Lois and Clark


It’s episode 14, and some new segments have been added. Last week we said goodbye to the Top 5, this week brings an ongoing episode by episode review of Superman: The Animated series which ran from 1996 to 2000.

Plus, we begin a series of character profiles, beginning with the Daily Planet‘s own cigar chomping, bulldog Editor-In-Chief Perry White. Learn what really set Perry White against Lex Luthor, and why the chief matters.
Also, we explore the long-standing relationship of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, and why it is important to the Superman mythology.
And, of course, we look issue by issue through the New Earth era Superman books with January, 2007. We’ll continue “Last Son” in Action Comics, “Camelot Falls” in Superman, “Enemies Among Us” in Superman/Batman, and begin “Kryptonite” in the pages of Superman Confidential.

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