Superman Forever Radio 02- Earth One


This week- Superman Vs. the KKK. Host J. David Weter takes a look at how Superman battled a very real foe.

Plus, What would a Superman Returns sequel have been like, Zack Snyder confirms who ISN’T the villain in the new Superman movie. Superboy gets a new ongoing, Superman meets Lex Luthor for the first time.

Superman takes on an alien invasion, and pulls a Rocky Balboa in a landmark reprint.Two new DVD releases hit this week, looking at Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam and Secret Origin of DC Comics.

What book inspired J. David Weter’s love of Superman? And a closer look at Superman: Earth One, which poses the question- What is the point?

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  1. Hi there! I am really enjoying the show — I only recently discovered you via the Superman Podcast Network, and am enjoying playing catch-up! I especially enjoyed your “Why the World Needs Superman” commentary in the first episode, and agree completely: we need hope, and the best Superman stories provide it because, ultimately, Superman inspires people to hope, not in him, but in themselves; and, beyond that, in such ideals as truth, justice, dignity, freedom, compassion — all those things that have been not only “the American way” at its best but the Human way at its best!

    One small nitpick re: this episode. You expressed pretty open disdain for the “New Kyrpton” run of recent Superman titles; yet, you lamented that we would not see what sounds essentially like a similar story in the now-never-to-be direct sequel to “Superman Returns!” The “New Krypton” arc was all about more Kryptonians coming to Earth and, not being direct villains (at least not all of them — yeah, Zod and his cronies were around), but challenging Superman’s role, and thereby forcing him (and us) to clarify it. What we learned (or remembered) is not that Superman is “super” because of his great abilities, but because of his great ideals and great devotion to them. Superman is a Kryptonian, but not all Kryptonians are like Superman! I appreciate the “New Krypton” arcs for being a wonderful, epic “theme and variations” on that idea (particularly the “World of New Krypton” title proper).

    That aside, I do enjoy your commentaries and your spirit as host, and look forward to tuning in to your show for a long time to come! Thanks for the hard work and for sharing your passion for this fantastic character.

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