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Episode 82- The Adventures of Superman, When he was a boy!

sfr82Bob’ssoap box” is a little higher this week as his rant focuses on Superboy, then, now and in between. 

Bob also looks at the first Superboy stories he ever read from Adventure Comics 168 and 228.

Lastly Bob tells Dan Didio what he                                                                                can do with Superboy in the New 52.


Superman Forever Radio 23- Superman, When He Was a Boy


Welcome to Superman Forever Radio episode 23, the twice weekly Superman podcast.

This week, we take a look at Superboy, from the adventures of Superman when he was a boy, to Conner Kent, and his time as a television star.

The young hero that was, then wasn’t, then was again. And the menace of Superboy Prime.

Before that, though, we hear from Man of Steel castmates Michael Shannon, and Diane Lane on their auditions for the movie, as well as the latest rumors swarming around the internet.

Then, it’s a look at a very draining episode of Superman: The Animated Series, as The Parasite makes his debut, and underwhelms.
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Superman Forever Radio 15- All-Star Superman


This week we take a break to look back over all twelve issues of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitley’s All-Star Superman run, just in time for the new DVD which comes out Tuesday.

Issue by issue, J. David Weter gives a running commentary of the entire, epic story. So, grab your copies of the book, and read along.
Also, some Smallville news, a sad day for the Superman family, and a trip to Hurleycon.
Hurleycon Links- Visit these fine folks and tell them you heard about them here. 🙂

Episode Extras
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