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Episode 62- Bizarrogirl

sfr62albumThe Maid of Might takes center stage this week, as David takes a look at a story from the team of Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle.

In the (Spoiler free) aftermath of New Krypton, Kara Zor-El is trying to decide of she wants to continue being Supergirl.

But, when a mysterious ship crashes to Earth, holding a twisted mirror image of Supergirl, she must take control, and plot a course for her own life of heroism.

Episode 59- All-Star Superman Commentary

sfr59albumSuperman Forever goes to the movies month continues- this time with the animated adaptation of Grant Morrison‘s All-Star Superman.

Much to David‘s surprise, the commentary doesn’t go the way he thought it would- as he makes his way through the movie, certain realizations set in, and his┬áperception at the end of the film is completely different from how he felt at the beginning.

Superman Forever Radio 39- Welcome to my Fortress

This is not the episode I expected.

But, Sometimes life gets in the way- and we make do.

I explain the changes in format, and the origin points of the show.

A look back on my favorite episodes, and some Superman-related memories, as well as my history as a podcaster– and an announcement of David‘s newest podcast.

Superman Forever Radio 30- September 2007


This week, a change back to the old format is coming, a LIVE episode of Superman Forever Radio is on it’s way Sunday May 29, 2011, and David is testing out some new waters.

But, as far as the books cover dated September 2007:

It’s Jimmy Olsen week, as Action Comics 852 features a story within a story. Jimmy explores the world of super-powers, as Superman takes out the Kryptonite Man. And, a flashback reveals the origin of Jimmy’s signal watch.

The Jimmy Olsen train makes another stop in Superman 665, where we see the secret origin of Jimmy, which will be ret-conned out by Secret origin.

And, finally, what is making Superman lose his mind with fear? It could be a certain villain who uses fear as a motif, but you would only be half right. Superman/Batman 38 Brings us the answer, and a New God falls. Literally.
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