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Episode 61- Superman’s Pal

sfr61albumThis time around, we focus on Jimmy Olsen, Superman‘s Pal.

In a quartet of stories, we visit a silver-age Jimmy as he solves a mystery, with the clock ticking. From there, it’s off to the 30th century as Elastic Lad Teams up with the Legion of Superheroes.

And then, to the turn of the century as an older, and wiser Jimmy solves a mystery as editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, and finally the man of action must track down his famous signal watch.


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Episode 60- What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

sfr60albumIn the 60th episode of Superman Forever Radio, David decides NOT to do a commentary, and instead talk about the comic that inspired the material- Action Comics 775.

In a day and age when Superman is considered out of touch with the times, this show set out to correct that misconception- and this comic was at the epicenter of that movement.

It’s a passionate talk about what it means to be a Superman fan, and David has a message that he needs to get off of his chest.

Episode 59- All-Star Superman Commentary

sfr59albumSuperman Forever goes to the movies month continues- this time with the animated adaptation of Grant Morrison‘s All-Star Superman.

Much to David‘s surprise, the commentary doesn’t go the way he thought it would- as he makes his way through the movie, certain realizations set in, and his¬†perception at the end of the film is completely different from how he felt at the beginning.

Superman Forever Radio 52- The Smallville Chronicles


There aren’t any reruns in podcasting…. well, almost.

This time around I re-present the three episodes of The Smallville Chronicles: A Superboy Podcast, a show that I briefly hosted after Superman Forever Radio went on it’s hiatus.

Looking at the first three appearances of Superman as a young man, the show was enjoyable, and I’m glad to put the material back out into the world.

Share the adventures of Superman, when he was a boy, in the golden age.

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Superman Forever Radio 42- Generations


Superman Forever Radio is back after a one year Hiatus

This time on Superman Forever Radio- The  epic, Prestige Format series SUPERMAN and BATMAN: GENERATIONS.

The book that pits the Dark Knight and The Man of Steel against the ravages of real-time aging, families, death, and what lies beyond.

Also, our coverage of Superman: The Animated Series picks back up with the first episode of the second season.

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