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Episode 86 – Super Conversation with Jon M Wilson!

sfr album 86What happens when a couple of Superman fans are left without proper adult supervision? Well, they talk about Superman, a lot!

Join Bob Fisher as he talks to fellow podcaster and Superman fan Jon M Wilson about his current reading project, Superman 162, the new 52 and more.


Episode 85 – Christopher Reeve!

sfr85Bob Fisher unveils a new segment for Superman Forever Radio called “Random Thoughts” and kicks off the first one by talking about Christopher Reeve and the first two Superman movies.

All off the top of his head with no notes.

Just his honest thoughts about Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Get it now!


Episode 65- Building the Perfect Superman

sfr65albumThis time around, David lays out all of the components that make his perfect Superman.

From the voice and mannerisms of Christopher Reeve, to the look of Jose Garcia Lopez  (Praise be his name!) and beyond.

And, David tells his deepest, darkest secret, and gets it off of his chest in one of his most honest confessions ever!


Superman Forever Radio 12- Super-Crossover Extravaganza


Superman Forever Radio is Super-Sized this week, as some special guests stopped in to talk Superman. From the Superman Video Podcast, Kaman Stowell was gracious enough to talk some Smallville, and the entire Superman Mythos.

Travis Pyle returns to review Superman/Batman #30, and John Oliver takes on some review duties on Superman.

Plus, a look back at the cartoon that had me waking up before dawn in the late 80’s, and Metropolis Idol hits a new level of awesome, as two heavyweight contenders step into the SFR ring.
This is an episode that you do NOT want to miss.

One Note- as segments of the show were recorded with, or entirely on an iPhone, there are small instances of texts coming through, and some digital skipping. I have done my best to smooth these out, but imperfections still exist.