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Superman Forever Radio 06- Up, Up, and Away


What MUST a Superman origin tale contain? This week, we will be looking at the major retellings of Superman’s origin. Join me as I compare and contrast the original origin, against The Man of Steel, Secret Origin, and Birthright.

Did Ben Affleck turn down Superman because of the story? What comic art record didn’t get broken? Want Brandon Routh‘s Superman costume? Is Zack Snyder all alone on the Superman reboot? Find out the answers.

Plus, begin a journey with me to cover every Superman book in the post-infinite crisis era as we start with Superman #650  and Action Comics # 837, the beginning of the “Up, Up, and Away” storyline. We will touch briefly on Infinite Crisis and 52 to set the stage properly.
Don’t forget that Metropolis Idol starts this week- prepare to meet the top 16, and which 2 Supermen will be squaring off in round one, week one.

The stories in this week’s episode are collected in Superman: Up, Up, and Way

This Week’s Secret Code is:

oxxbqoue jicc rniza anfp enur 
Download and print the decoder- Decoder Card

Superman Forever Radio 05- Reign of the Supermen


Some changes are in store for Superman Forever Radio. Beginning next week- a new focus for the review section, the code contest begins, What is Smallville Idol?

Plus, Matthew Goode and a CGI-Enhanced Superman? Could it be true?

Was Zac Efron almost Superman before Leonardo DiCaprio changed his mind?

From Princess Diaries to Daily Planet reporter? Could Anne Hathaway be the next Lois Lane?

What are you drinking out of? If it is a DC Superheroes collectible glass, you may want to spit your Kool Aide out.

What are the Top 5 ways to fix up the Fortress of Solitude?

Travis Pyle returns to finish out the epic Death and Return of Superman with “Reign of the Supermen.”

Plus-  Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam, Young Justice, and a very special e-mail message.

Superman Forever Radio 04- Funeral for a Friend


This week’s episode had a lot to cover

Brett Ratner concedes to Zack Snyder

Doomsday will Reign in 2011

The Siegel Vs. Warner Brothers lawsuit is back in motion

Jerry Robinson sells the original art to Superman #14 (

Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder search for a Superman

The Mattel Movie Masters Christopher Reeve Superman and GeneHackmanLex Luthor get a release date

The All-Star Superman animated maquette

The top 5 ways to blow off Aquaman

A look back at the aftermath of Doomsday in “Funeral for a Friend” with Travis Pyle

A failed interview with General Zod

Clarence- the forgotten castmember of Superman: The Movie

Smallville’s mediocre “Patriot” episode

and- What does the month of December hold for Superman Forever Radio? Listen to find out.

Superman Forever Radio 03- Doomsday!


This week is a huge episode, as we look back 18 years to the Death of Superman in Superman issue #75.

-Top 5 songs on Luthor‘s iPod
-Listener e-mail
JMS leaves Superman, are monthly comics doomed
Doomsday! A retrospective look back.
-Supergirl Annual #2
-Superman Vs. Muhamed Ali

Superman Forever Radio 02- Earth One


This week- Superman Vs. the KKK. Host J. David Weter takes a look at how Superman battled a very real foe.

Plus, What would a Superman Returns sequel have been like, Zack Snyder confirms who ISN’T the villain in the new Superman movie. Superboy gets a new ongoing, Superman meets Lex Luthor for the first time.

Superman takes on an alien invasion, and pulls a Rocky Balboa in a landmark reprint.Two new DVD releases hit this week, looking at Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam and Secret Origin of DC Comics.

What book inspired J. David Weter’s love of Superman? And a closer look at Superman: Earth One, which poses the question- What is the point?