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Superman Forever Radio 12.5- Superman is Cast!


Just when you thought Superman Forever Radio was done for the week- BOOM we get a Major announcement in the Superman Universe.

Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman in the Zack Snyder Superman reboot, slated for 2012.

As soon as the news came out, I had to jump back on the microphone, and comment on this new development.

I cover the announcement, give some background on Cavill, talk about the fan reaction, and weigh in on what I think about the casting.

Image from dcwomenkickingass

Superman Forever Radio 04- Funeral for a Friend


This week’s episode had a lot to cover

Brett Ratner concedes to Zack Snyder

Doomsday will Reign in 2011

The Siegel Vs. Warner Brothers lawsuit is back in motion

Jerry Robinson sells the original art to Superman #14 (http://www.comicconnect.com/static/index_robinson.php)

Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder search for a Superman

The Mattel Movie Masters Christopher Reeve Superman and GeneHackmanLex Luthor get a release date

The All-Star Superman animated maquette

The top 5 ways to blow off Aquaman

A look back at the aftermath of Doomsday in “Funeral for a Friend” with Travis Pyle

A failed interview with General Zod

Clarence- the forgotten castmember of Superman: The Movie

Smallville’s mediocre “Patriot” episode

and- What does the month of December hold for Superman Forever Radio? Listen to find out.