Superman Forever Radio 07- Siegel and Shuster Vs. The World Pt.1


This week, we look into Superman‘s origin much deeper- by looking at his creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in part one of a three part series on the creation of Superman.

In the midst of the Great Depression, two outcast teenagers would meet and form a bond that would last a lifetime- and create the world’s first Super-hero.

I count down the top 5 Superman books that mean the most to me, and answer a quick e-mail.

We also look at the Superman books for June 2006- Superman #651, Action Comics #838, and Superman/Batman #26 (It’s a tear-jerker).

Plus- Metropolis Idol results for Round 1 Week 1, and announce the combatants for Round 1 Week 2

This Week’s Secret Code is:
tiddurrx ub yupiaz qlwnrbua mxrnker
Download and print the decoder- Decoder Card

3 thoughts on “Superman Forever Radio 07- Siegel and Shuster Vs. The World Pt.1”

  1. Hi, I have decided to go back from the beginning and listen to your podcasts. However, I’ve noticed that the last two episode were a little bit short or cut off early. I was wondering if there was a reason why. I realize that you are taking a break from ithis podcast, but if you have any information that’d be great, thanks again for a great show.

      1. Thanks for your quick reply!
        It’s episodes 6 and 7. Both seem to end around the 25th minute, in the middle of a rereview.

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