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Superman Forever Radio 16- Kneel Before Zod


It is time to address the casting of Diane Lane as Martha Kent, and the rumors surrounding Viggo Mortenson as Zod, or Daniel Day-Lewis taking on the role of Jor-El.

Plus, how can you be a part of the OTHER Superman movie being made at the moment. Now you can be a part of Superman:Requiem right here.

Clark Kent lands on Earth, comes of age, and dons the blue, red, and yellow for the first time in the second episode of Superman: The Animated Series.

This week continues our journey through “Last Son” in Action Comics, and a footnote to “Camelot Falls” in Superman. We wrap up “The Enemies among Us” in Superman/Batman, and find out what scares Superman in Superman Confidential.

Superman Forever Radio 12- Super-Crossover Extravaganza


Superman Forever Radio is Super-Sized this week, as some special guests stopped in to talk Superman. From the Superman Video Podcast, Kaman Stowell was gracious enough to talk some Smallville, and the entire Superman Mythos.

Travis Pyle returns to review Superman/Batman #30, and John Oliver takes on some review duties on Superman.

Plus, a look back at the cartoon that had me waking up before dawn in the late 80’s, and Metropolis Idol hits a new level of awesome, as two heavyweight contenders step into the SFR ring.
This is an episode that you do NOT want to miss.

One Note- as segments of the show were recorded with, or entirely on an iPhone, there are small instances of texts coming through, and some digital skipping. I have done my best to smooth these out, but imperfections still exist.