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Episode 89 – Kryptonite Forevermore!

sfr89albumIn this episode Bob Fisher talks about the many forms of Kryptonite and it’s earliest uses.

Bob also tries to put a little bug in the ears of the powers that be at DC regarding a much wanted comic featuring a certain TV Superman show.

Also a new email segment and even a little talk about Action Comics 310.

All of this and more in the latest episode of Superman Forever Radio!


Episode 57- Public Enemies Commentary


Fire up the DVD player and stick some popcorn in the microwave because this episode begins “Superman Forever goes to the movies” month.

And, I’m kicking off with a commentary for Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

When the World’s Finest find themselves on the wrong side of the law, it becomes a race against time to clear their names, and stop an asteroid made of Kryptonite from destroying the earth.

Based on Superman/Batman issues 1-6, this direct-to-DVD feature is based on the art of Ed MCguinness, and boasts the return of familiar voice actors.


Superman Forever Radio 53- The Man with the Kryptonite Heart



The beginning of the new year brings glad tidings, and we look at one of Superman‘s most recognizable foes, Metallo.

From the golden age prototype, Metalo, to The New 52, and Smallville– see what formed this villain, and what rendition of the character stands as Dave’s favorites.

Plus, why does this villain’s toy and video game appearances give Dave panic attacks?? Find out in the 53rd episode.

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Superman Forever Radio 19- Kryptonite Central


This week begins the new twice weekly format.

We talk extensively about Kryptonite– it’s origins, the many varieties, and a scientific explanation of why it effects the Man of Steel. Did you know that Jerry Siegel originally wanted Kryptonite to appear years earlier? You can read much of that original story at k-metal.nu.

Also, Amy Adams as Lois Lane; why she makes an excellent choice and what former Lois Lanes have spoken their approval. A Justice League movie for 2013? And an update on the other Superman movieSuperman Requiem.

Then, the Kryptonite theme continues as the animated Superman first encounters his weakness in the fifth episode of Superman:The Animated Series. See the Man of Steel battle a giant T-rex, and pollute the harbor with aircraft and lead poisoning. Also- why you don’t want to be in the Metropolis Treasury building when a fire breaks out.

All of this- and the final round of Metropolis idol. Have you voted in the final showdown between George Reeves and Dean Cain? Choose your Superman.

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Superman Forever Radio 17- The Big Apricot


In this week’s episode we take an overview look at Superman‘s city- Metropolis. Where to get your news, what sports can you check out, and where to visit.

Next, we finish up the Man of Steel‘s animated origin tale in the third part of the Superman: The Animated Series premiere, “The Last Son of Krypton Part 3″

Then, it’s time to delve into Superman’s weaknesses, the various forms of Kryptonite, his top 10 villains, and a case is made for General Zod‘s insurgency.
And, a special guest returns to leave a voicemail.

Also, Metropolis Idol is down to the final four. Please visit the sidebar and vote for your pick.