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Episode 69- Birthright Finale

album69Superman Forever Radio starts dropping on Tuesdays with this episode.

But, this is it- the finale of Superman: Birthright, as it all hits the fan. Kryptonian invasion, humanity rejects Superman, Kryptonite everywhere.

And, in the middle is Clark Kent, trying to keep it together long enough to save the day- but when he faces insurmountable odds, there is a moment of doubt as to whether he can live up to the symbol he has on his chest.

It’s the final battle that will forge the Man of Steel. And, Titano pays a visit in an episode of Superman: The Animated series.


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Episode 68- Birthright Part 3

sfr68albumBirthright continues, and we learn about Lex‘s time in Smallville, and why he is such a cranky man.

But, what are the flip-sides to Clark Kent, who is the real triangle, and what is the threat even Superman’s strength can’t overcome?

And, travel to another dimension in Superman: The Animated Series– a place where the public fears Superman, and the Man of Steel wears black in the episode “Brave New Metropolis.”

Episode 67- Birthright Part 2

sfr067albumThis week- Birthright continues, as Clark Kent develops a costume, an alter ego, and makes his big debut as The Man of Steel.

The story hits a new pace, as Lex Luthor reveals a hidden secret about the new hero in the skies of Metropolis, and it means bad things for Superman.

And, a familiar face returns to menace Lois Lane in another episode of Superman: The Animated series.

Episode 66- Birthright part 1

sfr66albumIt begins here!!! A four part look at the mini series that changed Superman- SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT.

A complete retelling of Superman’s origin for the 21st century (The first of a few) Mark Waid‘s story tells a compelling, emotional tale of Superman’s journey from infant on Krypton, to the man of steel.

In the first two issues, we see Jor-El and Lara making a fateful decision, to send their infant son into the unknown void of space, and 25 years later, Clark Kent becomes embroiled in a conflict in West Africa.

It’s a special group of episodes, offcially kicking off the year of Superman, please join me.


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Episode 65- Building the Perfect Superman

sfr65albumThis time around, David lays out all of the components that make his perfect Superman.

From the voice and mannerisms of Christopher Reeve, to the look of Jose Garcia Lopez  (Praise be his name!) and beyond.

And, David tells his deepest, darkest secret, and gets it off of his chest in one of his most honest confessions ever!