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Superman Forever Radio 17- The Big Apricot


In this week’s episode we take an overview look at Superman‘s city- Metropolis. Where to get your news, what sports can you check out, and where to visit.

Next, we finish up the Man of Steel‘s animated origin tale in the third part of the Superman: The Animated Series premiere, “The Last Son of Krypton Part 3″

Then, it’s time to delve into Superman’s weaknesses, the various forms of Kryptonite, his top 10 villains, and a case is made for General Zod‘s insurgency.
And, a special guest returns to leave a voicemail.

Also, Metropolis Idol is down to the final four. Please visit the sidebar and vote for your pick.

Superman Forever Radio 16- Kneel Before Zod


It is time to address the casting of Diane Lane as Martha Kent, and the rumors surrounding Viggo Mortenson as Zod, or Daniel Day-Lewis taking on the role of Jor-El.

Plus, how can you be a part of the OTHER Superman movie being made at the moment. Now you can be a part of Superman:Requiem right here.

Clark Kent lands on Earth, comes of age, and dons the blue, red, and yellow for the first time in the second episode of Superman: The Animated Series.

This week continues our journey through “Last Son” in Action Comics, and a footnote to “Camelot Falls” in Superman. We wrap up “The Enemies among Us” in Superman/Batman, and find out what scares Superman in Superman Confidential.

Superman Forever Radio 09- Siegel and Shuster Vs. The World pt. 3


This is it! The final episode of Superman Forever Radio… for 2010.

But what a great way to send out the year. We finish up the “Up, Up and Away!” Storyline, plus- Superman and Batman explore gender issues in

Superman/Batman #27.

The tale of Siegel and Shuster comes to an end, with a dream realized and smashed. The men that gave us the world’s greatest hero, find themselves in poverty.

Is Javier Bardem Superman? No, but he was. See the video below.

Is Secret Origin the basis for the new Superman movie? David Goyer‘s words in the newest edition are analyzed.

DC Universe online gets a release date… again.

What are Bizarro‘s 2011 resolutions?? Plus, and all new week of Metropolis Idol, E-mails, and the Superman Moment of 2010.

Superman Forever Radio 08- Siegel and Shuster Vs. The World Pt 2


This week continues a look at the creation of Superman, and how Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster changed the world. Where did the idea for Superman come from?

Plus, the continuing adventures of the post-infinite crisis Superman in Superman #652 and Action Comics 839.

Remember Pete Ross? He just got caught in a drug ring.

Why Cleveland’s Christmas tree beats yours. Will Superman head to Canada? What is Chris Roberson‘s dream job? And Kevin Spacey misses being bald.

Plus, the next combatants in Metropolis Idol prepare to do battle, a brand spaking new top 5, and awkward times at the comic shop.

Superman Forever Radio 07- Siegel and Shuster Vs. The World Pt.1


This week, we look into Superman‘s origin much deeper- by looking at his creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in part one of a three part series on the creation of Superman.

In the midst of the Great Depression, two outcast teenagers would meet and form a bond that would last a lifetime- and create the world’s first Super-hero.

I count down the top 5 Superman books that mean the most to me, and answer a quick e-mail.

We also look at the Superman books for June 2006- Superman #651, Action Comics #838, and Superman/Batman #26 (It’s a tear-jerker).

Plus- Metropolis Idol results for Round 1 Week 1, and announce the combatants for Round 1 Week 2

This Week’s Secret Code is:
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Download and print the decoder- Decoder Card