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Episode 96 – A New 52 Roundtable Discussion

sfr96albumThis week, a candid discussion on the New 52 Superman with Bob Fisher, Michael Bailey and Jon M Wilson.

These three Superman podcasters talk candidly about the New52 Superman and give their opinions about the stories, the art, the writers, the artists and the company that publishes DC comics and the people in charge.

Bob, Mike and Jon look back at the beginnings of the New52 Superman and follow him right up to the current TRUTH storyline and beyond.

No scripts, no holds barred and no tongues were held in the making of this podcast.


Episode 90 – The Birthday Box

sfr90In this episode Bob Fisher talks about DC superheroes on TV, John Romita, Jr., the New 52, and catches up with your emails.

Then, Bob looks back to January, 1964 to take a look at a certain box full of comics for his 12th birthday and talks about Superman 166, a story entitled, “The Fantastic Story                                                                            of Superman’s Sons!”

All of this in episode 90 of the Superman Forever Radio Podcast. Available now.

What? You’ve already taken down your Christmas tree?


Episode 82- The Adventures of Superman, When he was a boy!

sfr82Bob’ssoap box” is a little higher this week as his rant focuses on Superboy, then, now and in between. 

Bob also looks at the first Superboy stories he ever read from Adventure Comics 168 and 228.

Lastly Bob tells Dan Didio what he                                                                                can do with Superboy in the New 52.


Superman Forever Radio 43- Man of Plastic


album043Welcome back. The show hits on on cylinders, returning to a weekly schedule.

This time, we take a trip down memory lane to look at Kenner’s Superman: Man of Steel line of action figures.

With many variations on Superman aside, the line was the first dedicated to Superman himself, and not the DC Universe as a whole.

This is one of the most unscripted episodes ever, and features some horrible accidents with firing missiles that justify the fears felt by parents about the firing Boba Fett backpack.

Also, we pick up the second half of the second season premiere of Superman; The Animated Series, with “Blasts from the Past Part 2″.