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Episode 90 – The Birthday Box

sfr90In this episode Bob Fisher talks about DC superheroes on TV, John Romita, Jr., the New 52, and catches up with your emails.

Then, Bob looks back to January, 1964 to take a look at a certain box full of comics for his 12th birthday and talks about Superman 166, a story entitled, “The Fantastic Story                                                                            of Superman’s Sons!”

All of this in episode 90 of the Superman Forever Radio Podcast. Available now.

What? You’ve already taken down your Christmas tree?


Superman Forever Radio 51- Khristmas Comes to Apokolips



Darkseid takes over the show to explore the meaning of Christmas with his new friend, Clyde. The feed is hijacked to bring everyone holiday cheer, or whatever it is Darkseid is selling this week.

When Christmas is in it’s darkest hour, and Darkseid is faced with his own moment to become a hero, what will Darkseid do?

Also, The music of Johnny Cash, Peter Cetera, and Darkeseid himself.