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Episode 98 – John Byrne’s Man of Steel

10411781_10208560060582055_8320868549179207648_nAn epic 2 part crossover with the Superman Forever Radio podcast and Views From the Longbox.

Bob Fisher and Michael Bailey join forces to discuss the epic mini series that started Superman’s post crisis career. Two generations of Superman fans discuss this iconic series.

In this the 30th year since it’s release how does it stand the test of time? What did Bob and Michael think of it then and now?

Superman Forever Radio and Michael Bailey’s Views From the Longbox Epic Crossover! Available now!


Episode 56- Secrets of the Fortress of Solitude

sfr56albumWe enter into a secret place, not seen by the public- Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

Through the 1981 treasury edition we are able to see Superman respond to a global threat, and one his secret citadel may be responsible for.

From the trophy room, to the interplanetary zoo, and Superman’s never-before-seen private quarters, we are covering every inch of the fortress to ensure that the world doesn’t come to an end- and SUPERMAN ONLY HAS ONE HOUR TO SAVE EARTH!!!!