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Episode 116 – SUPERBOY! The Adventures of Superman When He Was a boy

In episode 116 host Bob Fisher takes a look at the first appearance of Superboy in the pages of More Fun Comics 101 in this new regular sigment of SFR featuring Superboy.

This is the story of Superboy’s origin both on the page and behind the scenes. Why did DC keep rejecting Jerry Seigel’s idea of a new super powered kid?

Who sent the baby to Earth? Who found the rocket?

These and more questions aer answered for the first time in the pages of More Fun Comics 101 and Bob talks all about it.


Here’s a link to the info about this story on the website Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics.


Episode 101 – Rebirth!

sfr101albumIn episode 101 of the Superman Forever Radio podcast Bob Fisher talks about DC Universe Rebirth and Superman Rebirth #1!

Part first impressions part review and part speculation for the future of the DC Universe and Superman himself! This one if full of opinion so why stop there?

Bob also talks about Superman appearing on Supergirl this fall.


Superman Forever Radio 28- August 2007


This week, we look at the Supermanbooks cover-dated August (or late august) 2007.In Action Comics 851, “Last Son” picks up, and then drops the ball. Big time.

Superman takes on the Phantom Zone,Dev-Em, Mon-El, and Luthor himself as Kryptonians conquer Earth, Superman 664 brings a battle with Arion, Squad K, the Justice League, the Justice Society, and the Prankster.

Superman/Batman #36 brings the Metal men storyline to a merciful close, with Superman and Batman taking on the Metal men, Brainiac in an OMAC body, and the perils of being an orphan.

And Batman throws down with killer Croc, while Superman wonders about Pete Ross‘s intentions, and the Kryptonite spires forming in metropolis in Superman/Batman #37.

Don’t forget to tune in Sunday when episode 29 takes a look at Krypto and the Super-pets.
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