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Episode 85 – Christopher Reeve!

sfr85Bob Fisher unveils a new segment for Superman Forever Radio called “Random Thoughts” and kicks off the first one by talking about Christopher Reeve and the first two Superman movies.

All off the top of his head with no notes.

Just his honest thoughts about Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Get it now!


Episode 83- Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen!

sfr083 albumIs Jimmy Olsen a “sidekick”?

Did Jimmy Olsen deserve his own comic? Are Bow ties really cool?

Bob Fisher answers these questions and more as he takes on Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen.

Bob talks about the history of the character, his feelings about the character and even tries another comic book synopsis, oh dear, of Jimmy Olsen #39, The Super-Lad of Space!



Episode 79- A New Beginning

sfr79albumMonths ago, SFR went on an indefinite hiatus, but that hiatus is over.

It’s the beginning of a new era, as Superman Forever Radio returns, with a brand new host, and a brand new direction.

Bob Fisher discusses his comic book origin story as the new host of Superman Forever Radio.