Episode 120- Why Superman Needs a Secret Identity!

In episode 120 Bob Fisher gets up on his soap box to render a rant on the current goings on at DC Comics regarding Brian Michael Bendis and Dan Didio as they expose Superman’s secret Clark Kent identity to the world… again.

Staying with the theme Bob then turns his attention to Action Comics 305 which gets right to the point of why Superman NEEDS a secret identity and why Clark Kent is so important.

A full hour of a non-stop Superman Sermon as Bob preaches to the choir. If we get it, why doesn’t DC?


Episode 119 – Super DAD??!

In episode 119 host Bob Fisher talks briefly about his long time off and  why. He then tells a story about his new cape! Yep. Bob has a new cape!!

Then Bob turns his attention to Action Comics 232 and the story of Superman Jr.! Who is Superman Jr. and why is Superman his father and what kind of Dad IS Superman??

These questions and more attempt to be answered as Bob stumbles, bumbles and fumbles through this weird little Silver Age story with an awkwardly surprising ending!

Which is more confusing? The story or Bob’s summary? You decide!


Episode 118 Superboy meets Steelboy!

An ancient human civilization forced to live 25 miles under the Earth’s  surface send a distress signal to Superboy.

Need more? How about robots, androids, crystal creatures, a mustache twirling, beard stroking bad guy and a Queen who happens to be the spitting image of Lana Lang!

Ed Hamilton teams up with Curt Swan and George Klein to bring us this little science fiction adventure far below the Earth’s surface. When Superboy meets Steelboy!


Episode 117 Brainiac!

In episode 117 of the Superman Forever Radio podcast host Bob Fisher talks about BRAINIAC! From his first appearance in Action Comics 242 right up to his update by Geoff Johns in Action Comics 866-870, the animated film UNBOUND and his present day appearance on the SYFY Channel’s new show KRYPTON!

Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, with an assist from editor Mort Weisinger in 1958 we see what’s changed and what hasn’t in the episode.

Has there ever been a better villain than Brainiac? Listen to episode 117 of the Superman Forever Radio podcast and find out what Bob thinks.