Episode 111 Spotlight on Mort Weisinger part 1

In episode 111 host Bob Fisher has a personal and candid conversation with Dr. Hendrie Weisinger, son of the late Mort Weisinger.

Mort Weisinger was an editor at DC Comics from 1940 to 1970 specifically the Superman titles such as Superman, Action Comics, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to name a few.

In this conversation Hank Weisinger talks candidly about his relationship with his father and tells some personal stories showing the many sides of his father, the good, the bad, the nice and not so nice aspects of the man who directed the growth of the most famous superhero of them all, Superman.

For more details about Mort Weisinger thanks goes to Gord Tolton for his research and turning me onto the following link…


Thanks to Dr. Weisinger for spending some time with me and allowing me to share this great conversation with you.

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