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Episode 73- Power Records Showcase

sfr73albumThis week, David presents 3 Power Records Superman Adventures, which include carnivorous fish, purloined pop stars, and over-excited scientists.

The Metropolis, IL Superman Celebration is near, so prepare to see some pics, and Man of Steel is almost upon us.

Prepare for live podcasting. Listen to the episode for more information.


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Episode 72- From Krypton to Metropolis

sfr44albumCome on a trip back in time with me, to the realm of memories, in the year 1984.

This week it is my privileged to present to you the audio that inspired my Superman fandom, and this very Podcast- FROM KRYPTON TO METROPOLIS.

Thanks to the generous Steve Younis, you will hear the complete origin and evolution of the Man of Steel the way that I did as a child.

Episode 71- Miracle Monday

album72Happy Miracle Monday!

Charlie Niemeyer of Superman in the Bronze Age joins me on this very special look at the Elliott S! Maggin novel, Miracle Monday.

It’s Superman versus the devil, with time travelling college girls who love chest hair caught in the middle. No joke.

I can’t make this up.

Episode 70- The Worlds’ Mightiest Mortals

album70It’s another round with Superman meeting up with Captain Marvel, and Cap brings his entire family this time.

When villains Mr. Mxyzptlk and Mr. Mind construct a diabolical plan, the two powerhouse heroes must work together to get Superman back to his world.

But, they will do that, right after they have some crepes.

Warning- There was an issue with my DVD of Superman: The Animated series that arose at the last minute, so despite my teasing of the episode coverage, it doesn’t happen, and I apologize for the technical difficulty.

Episode 69- Birthright Finale

album69Superman Forever Radio starts dropping on Tuesdays with this episode.

But, this is it- the finale of Superman: Birthright, as it all hits the fan. Kryptonian invasion, humanity rejects Superman, Kryptonite everywhere.

And, in the middle is Clark Kent, trying to keep it together long enough to save the day- but when he faces insurmountable odds, there is a moment of doubt as to whether he can live up to the symbol he has on his chest.

It’s the final battle that will forge the Man of Steel. And, Titano pays a visit in an episode of Superman: The Animated series.


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