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Episode 84- The New Hero of Metropolis

sfr 084 albumWhat would Superman do if a new hero came to Metropolis and out-heroed the Man of Steel?

Bob Fisher takes a look at Superman 163 featuring Wonder Man the new Hero of Metropolis, talks about some podcasts he listens to, looks at robots and other cool toys and even talks about the Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves.

All in this one thrill packed episode of the Superman Forever Radio podcast! Get it now!


Episode 82- The Adventures of Superman, When he was a boy!

sfr82Bob’ssoap box” is a little higher this week as his rant focuses on Superboy, then, now and in between. 

Bob also looks at the first Superboy stories he ever read from Adventure Comics 168 and 228.

Lastly Bob tells Dan Didio what he                                                                                can do with Superboy in the New 52.


Episode 78- The End (For Now)

78 endIt’s a goodbye episode, but it’s only goodbye for now.

Due to real-life doing what it does (get in the way) David is stepping down from the podium of Superman Forever Radio.

From the bottom of his heart, David wants to thank all of you for making this show such a big part of your lives, and for being a part of David’s.



Episode 77- 75 Years of Steel Part 1

sfr76albumThis week, the show is back from vacation, and recorded as a live broadcast. Dave starts the ultimate read-through of one story from each and every year of Superman’s existence, beginning in 1938, and going to 1941.

If you want to catch a live recording, head over to www.supermanforever.com/live on Mondays at 3pm CST (1PM PST/4PM EST) to listen to the live broadcast.


Episode 76- More Man of Steel Talk

sfr076albumYes, I said that last episode was my final word on the subject of Man of Steel– But, I have a few more points to make that may change your mind on the movie.

With all of the controversy over the ending, and the strife on the internet, I had to find some peace with the movie, and what I found changed my mind entirely.

If you are on the fence about the movie, listen to this episode.