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Episode 90 – The Birthday Box

sfr90In this episode Bob Fisher talks about DC superheroes on TV, John Romita, Jr., the New 52, and catches up with your emails.

Then, Bob looks back to January, 1964 to take a look at a certain box full of comics for his 12th birthday and talks about Superman 166, a story entitled, “The Fantastic Story                                                                            of Superman’s Sons!”

All of this in episode 90 of the Superman Forever Radio Podcast. Available now.

What? You’ve already taken down your Christmas tree?


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Episode 89 – Kryptonite Forevermore!

sfr89albumIn this episode Bob Fisher talks about the many forms of Kryptonite and it’s earliest uses.

Bob also tries to put a little bug in the ears of the powers that be at DC regarding a much wanted comic featuring a certain TV Superman show.

Also a new email segment and even a little talk about Action Comics 310.

All of this and more in the latest episode of Superman Forever Radio!


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Episode 86 – Super Conversation with Jon M Wilson!

sfr album 86What happens when a couple of Superman fans are left without proper adult supervision? Well, they talk about Superman, a lot!

Join Bob Fisher as he talks to fellow podcaster and Superman fan Jon M Wilson about his current reading project, Superman 162, the new 52 and more.


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Episode 81- Dawn of Justice

sfr081Bob stands on a tiny little soap box as he talks about the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

 Then he talks about the New 52 in general and Grant Morrison’s Action Comics run with emphasis on Action Comics #0, in a good way!
Plus Emails!

Episode 77- 75 Years of Steel Part 1

sfr76albumThis week, the show is back from vacation, and recorded as a live broadcast. Dave starts the ultimate read-through of one story from each and every year of Superman’s existence, beginning in 1938, and going to 1941.

If you want to catch a live recording, head over to www.supermanforever.com/live on Mondays at 3pm CST (1PM PST/4PM EST) to listen to the live broadcast.


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