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Superman Forever Radio 39- Welcome to my Fortress

This is not the episode I expected.

But, Sometimes life gets in the way- and we make do.

I explain the changes in format, and the origin points of the show.

A look back on my favorite episodes, and some Superman-related memories, as well as my history as a podcaster– and an announcement of David‘s newest podcast.

Superman Forever Radio 38- The Fourth World

This week’s episode begins the first of two parts that look at the Superman comics on shelves cover dated December, 2007.

First up, Superman must contend with the Bizarro Justice League in Action Comics #857 by Geoff Johns, Richard Donner, and Eric Powell.

Then, the search for the third Kryptonian begins in Superman #668, and the answers will surprise you.

And that leads us to the second part of a look at Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Characters, from Highfather to Granny Goodness, and even the motherbox.

Which leads perfectly into Superman/Batman #41, and a showdown with Darkseid, Batman’s inner feelings, and a mind-controlled Superman in Superman/Batman #41.

And then, how did Metropolis end up under water? What is the secret to Lori Lemaris‘ power over the man of steel? Find out in Superman Confidential #7.

All of this, and a look at Lana Lang‘s return in Superman: The Animated Series.

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Superman Forever Radio 37- Darkseid and Sons


This week, the journey continues as we look at Action Comics # 856, and the second part of “Escape from Bizarro World.”

Then, the penultimate chapter of “Camelot Falls” drops in Superman 667, with the Man of Steel taking on Subjekt 17.

Batman discovers some feelings as Superman battles to regain his mind taking on Darkseid and the New Gods in Superman/Batman #40, which is preceded by a look at Darkesid himself, and the odd New Genesis/Apokolips family tree.

And Superman’s ex-girlfriend shows her face, in a wacky underwater battle featured in Superman Confidential #6.

Superman Forever Radio 36- Bizarro am love Superman


Welcome back.

After a two week hiatus, things finally get back to normal on SFR, for the first time in a while.

Back to one episode a week, and happy.

This week, we look at the rest of the Superman books cover dated October, 2007.

Including Jimmy Olsen‘s battle with a Kryptonite-powered monkey in Action Comics 854.

Superman arrives on Bizarro world with Action Comics 855.

And we take a good look at Bizarro, from his first appearance, to the creation of Htrae, and the post-crisis rebirth of the imperfect duplicate.

Then we take a trip on the dark side, as Superman takes on the corruption of his own soul is Superman #666.

And, the New Gods wreak havoc for the Man of Steel, and the Dark Knight is Superman/Batman #39.

On top of that, we look at one of the funnest episodes of Superman: The Animated series as The Main Man, Lobo arrives and attempts to frag the Man of Tomorrow.

Superman Forever Radio 34- Reboot Thoughts


This week’s bombshell put the screeching brakes on what would have been episode 34.

Instead, I had to talk about DC’s plan to reboot, and what it means to me, to this show, and I revisit my initial reaction to the news.

Plus- My loose itinerary for the Superman celebration in metropolis, Illinois-from Brandon Routh to Super-friends- prepare for a great time.

And, finally, an announcement that will change some things in the future.