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Episode 96 – A New 52 Roundtable Discussion

sfr96albumThis week, a candid discussion on the New 52 Superman with Bob Fisher, Michael Bailey and Jon M Wilson.

These three Superman podcasters talk candidly about the New52 Superman and give their opinions about the stories, the art, the writers, the artists and the company that publishes DC comics and the people in charge.

Bob, Mike and Jon look back at the beginnings of the New52 Superman and follow him right up to the current TRUTH storyline and beyond.

No scripts, no holds barred and no tongues were held in the making of this podcast.


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Episode 93 – The Batman V Superman Trailer

sfr93In episode 93 of the Superman Forever Radio podcast Bob Fisher takes a closer look at the Batman v Superman SDCC trailer.

Bob also catches up with the TRUTH storyline in Action Comics 42 but mostly he talks about the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and gives his opinions of the trailer and what may be in store for the movie itself.

Is Bob looking forward to the movie or are his feelings about the movie the same as his feelings for the current storyline in the comics?

Listen now to find out!


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Episode 92 – Catching up with DC comics

sfr92In this episode of Superman Forever Radio Bob Fisher talks about the latest trailers from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Supergirl.

Later in the show Bob talks about one of his favorite Superman stories from 1960, “Superman’s Return to Krypton” in Superman #141.

But before that Bob talks openly and candidly about his feelings of the current status of Superman at DC comics. All this and more!


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Episode 57- Public Enemies Commentary


Fire up the DVD player and stick some popcorn in the microwave because this episode begins “Superman Forever goes to the movies” month.

And, I’m kicking off with a commentary for Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

When the World’s Finest find themselves on the wrong side of the law, it becomes a race against time to clear their names, and stop an asteroid made of Kryptonite from destroying the earth.

Based on Superman/Batman issues 1-6, this direct-to-DVD feature is based on the art of Ed MCguinness, and boasts the return of familiar voice actors.

Superman Forever Radio 54- Defending Lois Lane Part 1



It’s a two-pronged attack, as a case is mounted as to how Lois Lane is important to the Superman mythology, as well as her character history.

While it is easy to pigeonhole the character to simple damsel-in-distress status, I believe there is something more relevant to the character, and by going all the way back to the beginning, I start building my case.

Part 1 covers the golden, silver, and bronze age, as well as the radio incarnation and television incarnation.

Next time- The post-crisis and beyond.

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